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Built Environment

The Built Environment Committee helps individual health departments learn from each other’s experiences working with local planning agencies and to develop regional strategies to help make that work more effective. BEC’s work includes:

+ Organizing regional convenings between Public Health Department leaders and Planning Directors and Redevelopment Agency Directors to explore the intersectionality of our work;

+ Developing, in partnership with Public Health Law and Policy (PHLP), the Healthy Planning Guide to help public health departments engage with planners to develop policies that can create healthier environments and support health equity;

+ Developing, in partnership with PHLP, Partners for Public Health, a companion piece to the Healthy Planning Guide, which is a broad overview of the many public agencies that make policy decisions affecting aspects of the built environment, outlining the structure and decision-making process for each agency (at the local, regional, state, and federal level);

+ Developing, in partnership with PHLP, New Partners in Public Health, a report exploring the potential for collaboration between these agencies and how both can overcome their own institutional challenges to create a strong partnership to improve community health;

+ Ensuring that health equity perspectives are represented in the Bay Area’s planning of the Sustainable Communities Strategy to comply with California State Senate Bill 375 by having BARHII BEC members and BARHII staff deeply involved in the planning process;

+ Developing five quick guides for public health staff on the connection between climate change, public health and health equity including steps LHDs can take to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts into their work. Titles of the guides include: (1) What’s Public Health Got to Do With It?, (2) Health and Equity Co-Benefits of Addressing Climate Change, (3) Climate Change and Health Equity, (4) How Public Health can Address Climate Change, (5) Getting Involved in Climate Change Action Planning

4th Wednesdays monthly
2:30PM – 4:30PM
Location: Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland, CA

Michael Kent, Contra Costa County
Matt Wolff, San Francisco County


Taking Action on Climate Change for Health

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