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Government Systems Reform and Racial Equity

BARHII has teamed up with GARE (The Government Alliance on Race and Equity) to provide training and support to their Northern California cohort.  GARE is a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all.  As part of the GARE network, cohorts are making a commitment to achieving racial equity, focusing on the power of their own institutions, and working in partnership with others.  A partnership between BARHII and GARE is natural, not just because many of the GARE counties are also members of BARHII, but also because of the shared mission of transforming public institutions to advance equity and the shared focus on developing and using upstream as well as downstream strategies to achieve this.

BARHII has so far hosted a series of webinars and adaptive leadership trainings with GARE and will continue with more trainings and events in 2017.

BARHII/GARE 2016 Webinars

In September and October of 2016, BARHII and GARE hosted a series of webinars on racial equity. Topics for the webinars included advancing workforce equity, contracting for equity, and applying racial equity tools. Full information and links to the presentations can be found here.