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2018 BARHII Program and Events

BARHII provides policy, systems and environmental change to improve living conditions and reduce structural racism and exclusion through data, research, analysis, and best practices.  We are uniquely positioned to advance and accelerate strategic change in governmental public health practice. BARHII provides education to community groups and public agencies on health equity research and improvement strategies and holds its own regular communities of practice on various topics relating to public health.

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Four Big Outcomes

In 2018, BARHII will achieve four major outcomes:

+ Protect Health Equity Gains for health equity communities across the Bay Area by supporting nine local Public Health Departments (LHDs) to implement safety protections, use public health voice to defend civil rights, and preserve funding that advances health equity.

+ Create Healthier Communities for tens of thousands of Bay Area residents by ensuring five jurisdictions adopt policies that expand housing affordability and economic opportunity.

+ Advance Racial Equity through technical assistance to seven LHDs implementing human resources or budget justice projects that will reduce institutional racism in hiring, promoting, purchasing, and spending.

+ Empower 200 Health Equity Leaders from local public health departments with new skills to advance health equity.

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July 2018

7/20/2018 Public Health’s Workforce Capacity to Advance Racial and Health Equity 

BARHII’s recent assessment of the Bay Area’s workforce needs and capacities led to a deeper understanding of the opportunities to advance racial equity within our counties public health systems. This session will cover the results of our survey assessment along with how to increase the size and skills of a diverse workforce, reduce occupational barriers for women and people of color, and how hiring and promotion strategies within Local Health Departments can advance racial equity. Our invited speaker, Kevin Barnett, is the Co-Director of the California Future Health Workforce Commission and a Senior Investigator at the Public Health Institute. He has led research and fieldwork in hospital community benefit and health workforce diversity at PHI for over two decades. Lunch will be provided along with a debrief of the session!

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7/25/2018 Built Environment Committee Meeting 2:30-4:30pm

July’s regularly scheduled Built Environment Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 25th from 2:30pm-4:30pm

 August 2018


8/17/2018 Procurement and Contracting Among Anchor Institutions for Social Justice 

Healthcare organizations – local public health departments, hospitals, and health systems – are major employers that see the business opportunities and health benefits of supporting local economies. Where we buy our food, who farms it, and how we feed our people is a procurement effort that healthcare organizations have developed. In this meeting, social justice groups highlight local and sustainable food systems as the main ingredients for health, wellness, and climate resiliency among communities.

8/28/2018 Community Power and Public Health: Working with Community Organizers to Advance Health Equity: East Bay (Oakland)

BARHII invites its membership to this special event on how community organizations and public health can partner to advance health equity. Special Guest speakers Dawn Phillips and Renée Branch Canady will lead participants in strategies for engaging community organizing groups with public health departments to accelerate change. The main objectives are to bring together two powerful disciplines to align their work around social determinants of health, use a strength-based framework to understand the unique vantage points of community organizing and public health, build connections between public health and community organizing groups, and develop opportunities to advance health equity through the efforts inside public health and in community organizations.

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8/29/2018 Community Power and Public Health: Working with Community Organizers to Advance Health Equity: South Bay (Redwood City)

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September 2018

9/21/2018 Advancing the Institutional Strategy in BARHII’s Framework: Public Land Use

October 2018

10/19/2018 Advancing the Institutional Strategy in BARHII’s Framework: Local Government Investment Power